Front Line

The Front-Line in the Global War Against Crony Capitalism, Regulatory Capture, Central Bank-Supported Lawlessness, and a Compromised Economics Profession (in alphabetical order):
To make it onto The A List, the writer must demonstrate the following to a reasonable degree: 1. Honesty, 2. Integrity, 3. Understanding of economics and finance, 4. Analysis that is apolitical, 5. Writing that is based on analysis and principal, and not on blind ideology.

The Rest of the A List

Important (but deceased) Economic Thinkers and Commentators:

"When the tide goes out, we find out who has been swimming without a bathing suit."

Warren Buffet

The F List

Media Not Interested in Objective Reporting

Roger Lowenstein (Wall Street: Not Guilty)
Evan Newmark
Charles Lane
David Brooks
Bethany McLean