Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nassim Taleb: I am not a libertarian - but Ron Paul is the only candidate addressing fundamental issues facing the USA

Nassim Taleb on MSNBC (video below text:)

Why Taleb feels compelled to speak about a political candidate: Taleb says he is non-political; he bases his outlook solely on risk. Based on this analysis, he feels it is his duty as a US citizen to publicly support the one candidate who is prepared to address the structural issues that now face the United States. That candidate is Ron Paul.

Taleb bases his support on the following risk centers:

1. Deficits and metastatic governments,
2. The problem of the Federal Reserve,
3. Defence tendencies, and
4. The notion that bailouts do not serve the USA - bailouts weaken economies by preserving failed entities in power positions.

On what Ron Paul does right: Paul is against the notion of just giving Novocaine to a patient when the patient has a major problem; if the condition calls for a root canal, do the root canal. None of the other candidates are addressing the real problems facing the USA. They are all poised to continue with Novocaine after Novocaine.

On the current state of affairs:  We are gambling with future generations' money and we are gambling with hyperinflation. That is fundamentally wrong. And we have a metastatic government; civil servants live better than civilians - and they are protected. Obama's advisers are part of the problem; they are compromised and are friends of the bankers. The Republicans cannot be trusted to address deficits.

What Ron Paul is addressing: Paul is against gambling to feed the family. He is against gambling with economic ruin. He is against bailouts. He is the only candidate who will address our structural problems.

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